Overland Tour From Tibet Kyirong To Nepal Border

Every Traveler love overland journey from Nepal, Kathmandu to Lhasa, Tibet or Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal. 

On August 28th, 2017 Great news came in the Tibet tourism industry. Kyirong Border between Nepal is officially open for both Western and Asian Travelers.

Recently many Travelers are asking Tibet Travelers about the overland tour from Tibet to Nepal or Nepal to Tibet. This lets Tibet Travelers focus on this 2 great overland Tibet Tours.

They are 2 different ways to travel overland

1.Overland from Tibet to Nepal

2.Overland from Nepal to Tibet

They are 2 different options to travel overland

1.Group Tour

2.Private Tour

Overland from Tibet to Nepal 

Many Traveler will travel Tibet through China, after traveling to Tibet from China, the best gateway is Nepal since Travelers can travel to Tibet through China and Nepal only. There is no train to Nepal from Tibet, flights to Kathmandu is expensive so many Traveler will choose to travel overland to Kathmandu, Nepal through the Tibet, Kyirong Border. This Tour will let Traveler explore the beauties of nature in Tibet and many important monasteries, finally hidden beauties of Kyirong region. 

Overland from Nepal to Tibet

Another option to travel Tibet is overland from Nepal through Kyirong Border. Many Travelers are traveling to Nepal easily since Visa of Nepal can be obtained upon arrival. After arriving in Nepal, Many Travelers plan to Travel Tibet and one of the best ways to travel Tibet from Nepal is overland from Kyirong Border. There is no train from Nepal to Tibet, flight to Lhasa, Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal is expensive so this is a great way to witness the beauties of both Nepal and Tibet. One very important thing to let Travelers know: Email Tibet Travelers info@tibettravelers.com at least before 20 days of your travel plan to Tibet from Nepal since China visa and Tibet Travel Permit, which need advance booking around 20 days to obtain.
Group Tour

Group Tour is one of the best options to reduce the cost of the trip and to travel with other Travelers around the world to make new friends and to explore the beauties of Tibet together. Below we will share 2 different options of Group Tour with detail itinerary, prices, and available dates to join. You can also choose your own date so we can find more Travelers to join with you on your preferred dates.

1 Option. 8 Day Everest & Nepal Border

Link http://www.tibettravelers.com/group-tour/8-day-everest-nepal-border/

2 Option. 8 Day Nepal To EBC & Lhasa

Link http://www.tibettravelers.com/group-tour/8-day-nepal-to-ebc-lhasa/

Private Tour

Private Tour is perfect for families or couples who would like to travel privately. Tibet Travelers offers 2 different option of Private Tour to travel. Below we will share the link for detail itinerary of the tour. 

1 Option. 8 Day Everest & Nepal Border

Link http://www.tibettravelers.com/private-tour/8-day-mt-everest-to-nepal/

2 Option. 8 Day Nepal To EBC & Lhasa

Link http://www.tibettravelers.com/private-tour/8-days-nepal-to-ebc-lhasa/

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