Travel To Tibet And Witness Her Beauty

Tibet is located on the roof of our world, with an average elevation of 4500M 

Everywhere in our world is developing nowadays and it is a great choice to travel where they are fewer tall buildings and more Stunning Nature. Where they are fewer cars horn and more birds singing. Blessings of Nature is endless, it makes us peaceful naturally. Tibet Travelers highly recommend all the Travelers to travel Tibet today and witness her beauty. 

The highest mountain on our planet Earth ( Mount Everest ) is located in Tibet with an elevation of 8848M (29,029 ft) above the sea level. Local Tibetans call the mountain as Chomolungma, meaning a sitting Goddess. Tibetans worship her for blessings. 

Mount Kailash, which is known as the holiest mountain is located in Tibet. Kailash is holy for many religions including Tibetan Native religion Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

Potala Palace, which was built in the 7th Century and yet looks stunning in the 21st Century. Looking at the beauties of Potala Palace shows that our ancestors were full of wisdom. 

High snow mountains giving birth to stunning Lakes and rivers make Tibet an important destination to travel.

Namtso lake, surrounded by mountains and nomads, where beauties of sunrise, sunset, and stars at the nights can be possible to witness. 

Tibet is one of the beautiful regions in our world where we can witness the true beauties of Nature. Even though Beauties of Tibet is making the Travelers wanting to travel Tibet but before planning to travel Tibet, it is very important to know the information on how to plan a trip to Tibet and documents required to travel Tibet.

After explaining about some highlights destinations in Tibet, Travelers can check the link for how to plan a tour to Tibet in 5 easy steps.

Documents Required to travel Tibet 

China Visa

Travelers will need China visa and Tibet Travel Permit to travel Tibet. China visa can be issued at one of the bigger cities in your country in the Chinese Embassy if Travelers are planning to travel Tibet from China.

If Travelers are planning to travel Tibet from Nepal, Tibet Travelers will take care of the China group visa.

China visa fee from Nepal cost 200 US Dollar per person for US and Canadian citizen, for other Nationals cost 110 US Dollar for including the service fee of Tibet Travelers partner agency in Nepal.

For more information regarding China visa, Travelers can visit the link

Tibet Travel Permit

No China visa, no Tibet Travel Permit. China visa plays the biggest role in obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa. For information regarding Tibet Travel Permit. Travelers can visit the link

Photo: Stunning Namtso lake 4700M

After explaining the important information regarding travel to Tibet. Tibet Travelers would like to explain the Tours and Treks offer by Tibet Travelers. 

Tibet Travelers offers 3 different types of Tours in Tibet. Travelers can check the link for more information.

For Trek lover Travelers, visit the link below for more information regarding 5 highlights treks in Tibet. 

Top 4 Trekking Routes in Tibet

Trek to Mount Everest Advance Base Camp

Tibet is also the home of Buddhism, which is a great reason to travel for Travelers who have love on Spiritualism. Travelers can check the link for Tibetan Buddhism recommendation from Tibet Travelers.

To make it easier for Travelers, Tibet Travelers is doing our best to make sure all the Travelers have the exact information regarding traveling to Tibet.

To make sure Travelers have a great time in Tibet is the main missions of Tibet Travelers.

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